Structures are the “foundations” of our industry, forgive the pun!

A good structural design can often enhance the final look of a project and surpass expectations.

Whether you’re looking to have a large open plan design, bi-fold rear doors or simply an additional window, structural specification is key.

This Large Steel Beam pictured was for an installation in Chiswick recently. The large size and span of the beam, ultimately provides and incredible opening to the rear garden, whilst supporting the installation of additional bedrooms above.


Structure ultimately means something that supports or enhances strength. This doesn’t mean structure can’t be beautiful.

Structural glass like this installation in W4 adds light and makes the room really open up.

Structure can also be a stylish architectural consideration. In this image, the main structural support beams and columns, have been left exposed, coloured and with lighting, give a wonderfully industrial look. This is also accompanied with the Polished Concrete Floor, something which enhances the design and is part of the main structure in this Acton household.

Whatever structural requirements you need, remember that it will help you achieve your end goals.


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