Charity and Community page.

At Bown Design & Build we take an active role in charity and community work, having established life long relationships along the way.


We are proud members of our local community of Chiswick, Bedford Park and surrounding areas. Over the last few years we have really enjoyed being involved with various festivals and events.

Sponsoring events isn’t just an opportunity to assist charities and people financially, it’s more than that for us.

They are great events to go to and enjoy, book festivals, discussion evenings, fairs and fetes.

We also put on a charity concert once a year at St.Michaels and All Angels church in Bedford park. We arrange the very best local musicians in classical, Jazz and Pop, along with some light comedy too. “Love Music” has become a real highlight in the local calendar, something we are immensely proud of.

In summer we often finding ourselves utilising our vans and staff to help set up the Green Days festival. It’s a great help to the people involved, people whom have become great friends to us.

This is where we feel part of the community, friendships that make us feel at home in our area of work.

By giving face to such events we enjoy the opportunity for people to talk to us about our work and involvement, it’s also nice to see our clients outside in a more casual environment.

We love our community, we love building relationships and even the odd extension too!


Bown Design and Build are proud to be associated with Msaada, the UK charity that assists the people of Rwanda to restore their dignity and livelihoods by establishing self-help projects that provide families with a sustained income.

The “Dairy Cow Project” enables families to become self-sufficient by giving them a European dairy cow that can produce 10 times more milk than a local cow, while the “Honey Project” provides families with modern high-yielding frame hives that allow them to generate an income through the production of honey and beeswax.

The charity also assists in developing local enterprise. The money that Alistair’s father, Malcolm, raised shortly before his death by cycling from Lands End to John O’Groats was vitally important for the construction of a new hospitality centre in the East of the country. The centre incorporates a conference room, history centre, restaurant and a craft area that displays and sells products made by various widow’s co-operatives in the area. The new conference room, which is used for weddings, seminars, workshops and training sessions, generates about £10,000 a year that is used to assist widows and orphans who are needy, old or disabled.

To find out more about how Msaada is empowering the people of Rwanada, please visit their website:, or help support these projects and develop new ones by giving a donation here today.